Harmonise Relationships.

Are you fed up? Are you hoping and wishing that your relationship problems will 'somehow' disappear?

Relationship difficulties are often self-perpetuating because our beliefs and reactions to one another trigger patterns of behaviour that stop us solving them. A good intimate relationship is essential for emotional health and there is a great deal that you can do to save yours.

Intelligent Relationship Counselling -


Does not pre-suppose outcomes


Does not encourage endless soul-searching, nor does it require an extended course in introspection


Does encourage couples to find ways to be honest with each other and to communicate more clearly


May need to deal effectively with negative past experiences of either or both partners


Also makes use of past positive experiences in dealing with current concerns


Establishes simple rules for communication which will not favour either partner


Encourages couples to think carefully about what they are doing


Encourages couples to examine the ways in which they can help to meet their own and each other's needs more effectively


Develops strategies for effective change


Shows clients ways to be more relaxed and focused


Employs skilled imaginative rehearsal of change.


Establishes clear goals and comes to an end when these are reached.

Good couples counselling is not that different from one on one counselling, which is about knowing what you can do differently to live a life of better balance and control. We help you to express what is not currently working in your relationship and listen to your views on the situation.

Where appropriate we can explain the differences in male and female thinking styles. We can also teach you practical and effective ways to improve communication between partners.

Our experience is that most problems can be solved by you (or you both acting separately at first) to find that change and see where it goes.

"A jewel is still a jewel when it has been trampled in the mud"
- Aristotle

"It is not the perfect but the imperfect who are in need of love"
- Oscar Wilde

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