Techniques to Improve Communication in A Relationship.

If you are struggling to communicate calmly and effectively with one another at the moment, the first thing you should do is get in touch with either 'Hereford Human Givens' or your nearest HG Practitioner. There is no need to battle through it alone, we can offer you a fast appointment and you will feel the benefits very quickly, in the meantime here are some helpful techniques that you can practice in your own time.

When to Confront.

The I am worth it technique (Williams & Williams 1997).

I - Is it important to me?

A - Are my thoughts and feelings appropriate given the facts?

M - Is the situation Modifiable?

Worth it - Balancing everybody ’s needs and the consequence, is it worth taking action?

The BEST Technique for Confident Communication.

Body posture - stand up straight be confident in yourself, but not arrogant

Eye contact - look at the person appropriately (customs differ)

Speech - use appropriate language, say what you really feel but don ’t insult

Tone of Voice - use a calm voice, no whispering or shouting


S - Stay calm

A - Accept the other person (stops contempt)

V - Validate the other persons feelings (stops stonewalling and withdrawing)

E - Eulogise (meets the need to belong and the need for self-esteem)

R - Report on your own feelings (stops you criticising)

"A jewel is still a jewel when it has been trampled in the mud"
- Aristotle

"It is not the perfect but the imperfect who are in need of love"
- Oscar Wilde


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