Human Givens Therapy can help you to -


Feel happier, lighter and more energetic


Understand why you were depressed and how to prevent it


Feel calmer


Find relief from (traumatic) stress symptoms


Feel better - recover from fears and phobias or heal trauma


Experience relief from previously 'bottled up' feelings


Enhance your social skills if needed


Meet your essential emotional needs more in balance


Increase your awareness of your innate and acquired resources


Increase your confidence and self esteem

A Human Givens Therapist will -


Make counselling/therapy as painless as possible


Not dwell on the past unnecessarily


Aim to help you to feel better after every consultation


Give information and advice if needed


Explain how your brain works with regards to emotion


Help you to access the same relaxed state as when you dream


Increase your knowledge without jargon or 'psycho babble'


Use a variety of techniques as appropriate


Calm high levels of emotions as soon as possible


Encourage new understandings and solutions


Adapt the therapy flexibly and uniquely for you


Avoid using a 'preferred' theory regardless of your problems


Support you when difficult feelings emerge without dwelling on them


Be aware of current research in psychology, neurobiology and counselling


Take as few sessions as possible


Consider the effects of counselling on the people close to you


Teach you to relax deeply

Human Givens InstituteWeb page on 'The Human Givens'.

You can find out more about'The Human Givens',including supporting research, and many examples of how this approach is being used by reading -

Human Givens: A New Approach to Emotional Health and Clear Thinking

Or see why the approach could be of tremendous importance for our collective future, by listening to the fascinating CD -

Evolution and The Human Givens... Hope for The Future.


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